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I have been granted power. This was a mistake


Hey friends!  So remember FCKH8, the PETA of the LGBTQIA+ movement?  Well they stole my work for their facebook and didn’t bother to put in the ten seconds of effort it takes to find the source, and then told me to my face they didn’t think it worth it to credit me for my own art.  But are we even surprised at this point?

If you have a moment why don’t you go let them know what you feel about art theft?  And remember NOT to support this group.  They’re most recently selling Ferguson shirts and it’s tempting to buy those but FCKH8 will make money from it so instead donate directly to the town.

UPDATE: They’ve since removed my art but don’t let them get away with anything else.  I’ve read that this is a common problem with their company so I can’t assume they’ve learned any lessons by me.


i know two things about white people: they love rachel ray, and are terrified, of curses